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Finally a pet bed built to withstand your playful pet. Expertly crafted with your pet in mind, The Playfulpaws by Sleeptime range helps your furry friends get an amazing night sleep.

The supportive, high density memory foam mattress helps support your pets fragile little limbs, and the waterproof, tear resistant cover ensures that it withstands even the most playful of pets, inside or outside the home.

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The Sleeptime pets Mini Mattresses are great for dogs and cats alike.

Constructed from a high quality support foam base, and breathable, comfortable memory foam, your pet gets to sleep on a mattress designed to mould with, and support their fragile little bodies too.

It’s the perfect bed for pets that are retired working dogs, or pets that have respiratory problems or are genetically susceptible to ailments like arthritis or hip problems.

The covers are made with you in mind and are easy care, featuring machine washable, permeable, covers that are simple to care for.

Supports your Doggo properly and
makes their Sleeptime perfect. The Best Night Sleep

Avoids pressure, corrects posture & aligns the spine.

Choosing your Playfulpaws Pet bed Measure your pet from tail to nose for the best fit.

  • SMax.

  • MMax.

  • LMax.

  • XLMax.

Bed Dimensions

S: 60 x 80cm    L: 90 x 120cm

M: 75 x 100cm    XL: 150 x 120cm

Different sizes for the perfect fit
Non-slip base
Durable anti-tear, machine washable cover
Odour & moisture resistant
Cooling, gel memory foam
Eases muscle tension and joint pressure
Contours to body
Supportive foam base that promotes airflow
Helps easy joint pressure


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the beds made from?

    The Sleeptime paws pet beds is made from a structured support base, and is topped by luxurious memory foam that contours and adapts to your pets body.
  2. Is the Paws pet bed Waterproof?

    It sure is! But to a degree. Any spills or water should be wiped off quickly, but prolonged contact with something dripping wet may eventually soak through the lining. However, in our tests, we spilled a cup of water over the top, and let it sit there for 24 hours, and we couldn’t see any leakage.
  3. How easy is it to clean?

    Super easy! We’ve designed the Paws pet bed with a removable cover that you can just unzip, clean and pop back on. Just wash on a normal cycle, cold water only and hang it out to dry. Sleep (for pets) made simple.
  4. Will my doggo overheat on the memory foam?

    No, definitely not. The mattress is soft enough to provide support, but firm enough to ensure doggo isn’t sinking into the actual mattress.
  5. Are the big ones, really that big?

    Yep, you better believe it! Big beds for big dogs. We recommend you measure out doggo’s favourite sleeping spot to ensure it fits.
  6. Ummm. Doggo likes to chew…

    No worries, most doggos do. We’ve designed the cover from tough, tear resistant material, so even the most playful pets find it tough to destroy.
  7. What’s the best size for my pet?

    Our sizing chart makes it super simply to see what the best size for your pet it. You will find it about this FAQ.
  8. Love it! Where can I get one?

    Even easier, you can order online here, just add it to the cart and follow the prompts, or see if its in stock with any of our distributors by clicking on “Try In store” and searching for your closest retailer.