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Finally, The perfect
pillow for a perfect
night sleep

Choosing a pillow shouldn't be difficult, and with Sleeptime, it isn't. We're making Sleep simple.

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What's Inside

Removable Cover

Super easy to clean with a removable, machine washable cover

Adjustable Firmness

A unique design that allows you to change your pillows thickness to suit you

High Density Memory Foam

Constructed of high density memory foam, you just know it's going to be comfortable

Neck Support

Our pillows have been carefully and expertly designed and have been tested to ensure your neck is supported in the perfect position, where comfort and support is ideal.

(Tough job right, having to test the comfort of pillows)


Our hybrid cover allows you to remain comfortable, its easily breathable and naturally wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cooler at night.

Its durable and machine washable, lasting you longer.


Our Gel infused memory foam pillows are designed to absorb the heat, with easy ventilation.

Allowing you to not only sleep cooler, but sleep better, and have you waking up feeling amazing.

Wouldn't you love a pillow that adjusts to
exactly what you want?

An adjustable pillow that adjusts to suit your sleep style. Whether you prefer a thicker, fluffier pillow or a thinner flatter pillow we've got you covered.

Each pillow comes thick and fluffy, but if you prefer a slimmer, smaller profile pillow just take out the amount of filling to make it the perfect size and shape for you.

The pillow that adjusts to you.

Supportive, with perfect alignment

No need to fluff your pillow before you got to sleep, the Sleeptime pillow moulds to the shape of your head, and springs back to keep the height and shape you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the pillow made?

    The Sleeptime adjustable pillow is designed in Australia, and manufactured in China to our exact specifications, ensuring our stringent quality standards are not only met, but are exceeded.
  2. What is it made from?

    The pillow is crafted from 100% memory foam clusters that are infused with cooling gel crystals. The removable, machine washable cover is a polyester hybrid that not only looks good, but feels great and is easy to care for.
  3. Really? An adjustable Pillow?

    Yep, you heard it here first! One unique, one of a kind pillow is a fits all pillow, because no matter how you love your pillow, you can adjust it to suit.