Free SleeptimeTM Adjustable Pillows with any Adjustable bed purchase!

Platinum Mattress & Pillows  online orders Only

We just know you’re going to love your new Sleeptime platinum mattress (or platinum pillow)

Try any Sleeptime Platinum mattress or Platinum pillow for 120 nights, and if you don’t fall in love with it, just send it back to us and get a full refund, it’s that easy!


  1. Simple, Sleep on it...
  2. It takes a little while for us to adjust to new things, so sleep on it, for 120 nights.
  3. Not a fan? That’s ok, not everyone has good taste! Just let us know...
  4. Send it back to us! And within 7 days of receiving it, you will wake up to see the full amount has been refunded back onto the card you purchased it with.